I am pleased and content to have the professional services of Global Office Works Inc. With the assistance of their services, my business is growing on a daily basis. I have been doubling my productivity since day one. The giants in the real estate industry tell us “Gather a team to grow exponentially.” Well, I can see it already growing exponentially. Within six months of starting GLOW services, I am already making plans to acquire the assistance of two more assistants.”

Jesus Ramos
Re/Max, Honolulu


Rodney will help you in anyway that he can to make it right for you. This virtual assistant(VA) system has given Janet and I more free time to enjoy, take time to travel and the ability to earn more money without having to pay someone here a higher rate and or pay for medical benefits. This is the plus of having a VA working for you. The downside is your VA is not in your office where you can have face to face communication in person. This was the toughest obstacle that Janet and I had to get over. To be honest, there are tools like Skype, GoToMeeting, Join.me, and text or phone calls to your personal VA that gives you that one on one experience. Honestly (working with Global OfficeWorks) is the best business decision we have made. There are other companies out there that maybe cheaper BUT you get what you pay for. Rodney is the kind of guy that is on your team to make sure all the gears a running in sync. So my advice is to set up a one on one with Rodney, tell him about your needs and why you would need the extra help, that way he can help tailor something for you to try out.

Adam and Janet Frederick
Aspen Real Estate, Littleton, Colorado.