We help business owners with their administrative tasks, but the difference is our Virtual Assistant and Inside Sales Agent Teams work in an office with supervision and support.

Get 3 months of Administrative Support for the price of 2 months–that’s a savings of 33%.

Here’s what you’ll get.

  • 40 hours per week trained and experienced Administrative Assistance so you can focus on running your business.
  • Inside Sales Agents who call your Expired, FSBO, or other leads who fill your weekly calendar with qualified appointments.
  • We specialize in Real Estate Virtual Assistants and we can manage other tasks too–so mix it up with Admins, ISAs, Transaction Coordinators, or Marketing Assistants.
  • All our teams work in an office setting with full management supervision and support so you can be sure that your Administrative Assistant is working for you.

Virtual Assistants are available for a fraction of the costs of on-site employees without the hassle of providing office space, high-speed internet, and payroll costs.

  • We offer full management support and supervision–unlike freelancers and home-based workers.
  • Redundant high-speed internet and electricity so you’ll never be out-of-touch with your Assistant.
  • Full-time Training Manager to assist your Administrative Assistant in learning your business.
  • Full-time Operations Manager to ensure your Assistant has easy access to systems and tools.
  • Daily quality management and end of shift report so that you know–exactly–what your Assistant is doing.


As a Full-Time Partner, you will also participate in Global OfficeWorks Education Scholarship Program to benefit local Filipino children–participation is included–at no extra costs to you.


There’s never been a better way to kick-off the new year and get your business growing.


Pay only $2,990 for 2 months of FULL-TIME Administrative Support and get 1 month FREE–that’s a value of $1,495 saved just for coming onboard now.


Basically, it’s $8.49 an hour for an Administrative Team with full-time Management Support.


Can you find freelancers online or home-based virtual employees who might work for less? Yes, but you’ll never know what they’re doing, and when the internet goes out, or the power fails, or if they find a better offer–THEY’RE GONE!


Global OfficeWorks has been in the business of helping business owners reduce their operating costs for 7 years–and we will continue to be your business partner.


Avoid subscription and complicated contracts with Global OfficeWorks–pay month to month–and if at any time you decide that we’re not a good fit–cancel anytime.


We’re so confident that you will like Global OfficeWorks we offer a free, no obligation, no commitment Orientation Call with our entire management staff so you can evaluate us, and we can share the successes of our other client partners.


If you like what you hear on the Orientation Call– we can start right away.


Call 970-722-6300 today to talk to our Partner Services Manager and to set up your free Orientation Call.


Still not sure? Set up a convenient 15 to 20-minute discovery call with our Partner Services Manager by clicking the link HERE.


Visit our website to find out CLICK FOR MORE.


Don’t wait too long, okay? Because this is a limited time offer to kick-off the new year. Once March 1 comes around we’ll be super busy–and isn’t that your busy time of the year too?


Partner with Global OfficeWorks because “your business success is our business too”.