Your Virtual Assistants will be working from our office with face to face support from our onsite support staff, managers and supervisors. Unlike most Virtual Assistants, our VAs do not work from home. 


With Global OfficeWorks managing all aspects of your employee needs and recruitment, your labor costs will be reduced to a fraction of the cost of having an in house employee occupying space in your office. In addition to a substantially lower payroll, your infrastructure costs are also reduced, or even eliminated! We remove your burden of time consuming and often expensive issues such as: recruiting, human resource management, payroll taxes, health insurance, social security, and restrictions regarding termination of employment.


You no longer require the additional office space, furniture, IT and phone equipment needed with an in house employee! Global OfficeWorks offers a flexible pricing structure in order to cater to your specific needs.

Team Pricing

5 or more F/T Virtual Assistants or ISAs @ $6.79 per hour each.

Perfect for Sales Campaigns.

Suitable for Remote Teams.

Lowest hourly rate possible.

 All prices quoted are in USD

Contact us today to receive a customized proposal detailing how you will benefit when using Global OfficeWorks for your employment needs.

Start your 30 day free trial! Call (970) 722-6300 or Email:

Start your 30 day free trial! Call (970) 722-6300 or Email: