How to get Started

The process to integrate our staff into your team is incredibly simplified.

Global OfficeWorks offers several options for you and assists your new employee to become fully integrated into your team.

We then provide all the ongoing management and staff supervision, allowing you to stay focused on your business and not get sidetracked by employee issues. 

Contact us to discuss which of our VA models is best suited to your business. We offer the following models:

Your Team of Virtual Assistants ($1.335 per month)

Your team of two or more skilled assistants each have specialized skill sets. They serve you eight hours per day. You are able to directly contact any member of your team. All tasks are tracked in our project management software.

One Part Time Assistant. ($800 per month)

We provide a specific staff member dedicated to you. This is a great option if you need variable skill sets. It also allows you to start with one part time VA, who works for you 4 hours each day. As you develop your business, you can add on additional part time staff at any time.

Advantages of using a team are:

  • Utilizing different skill sets. You may need help with project or transaction management, marketing, graphics and website maintenance, or many other specific tasks. One person usually doesn’t have all these  very different skill sets. With this system, you receive the benefit of the specialized skill set from each person you hire.

  • Each specific task required is assigned to a VA with skills in that area. Your market research is completed by a VA who specializes in this field. Your website is maintained and updated by our graphics/website designer. Your transactions are managed by a skilled transaction manager. Appointments and follow up are made by a dedicated lead manager.

  • In the event you experience personnel changes, your remaining team member(s) will be knowledgeable enough to train the replacement.

  • Productivity remains in place during vacations and sick leaves. If one member of your team is absent, the other(s) can work overtime to cover the tasks needing completion that day.

  • Each member of your team is fully accessible to you. If you like to be very “hands on” with your support staff, this may be your preferred system.

One Full Time Assistant $1,335 per month, ($7.95 per hour)

If you prefer a very hands one, close relationship with your VA, we offer full time VA’s who are dedicated only to you. Advantages of a dedicated full time time assistants are:

  • You develop a close working relationship with your assistant. The disadvantage is you are susceptible to his or her leaves and absences. Also, in the event of employee turnover, there may be a lapse in productivity while their replacement is being trained.

Step 1 ­–Contact Us

Contact us and send us the following:

  • Your contact details and general information about your business
  • Service expectations and requirements
  • Date you would like your VA to start and working hours preferred
  • Any questions you may have or specific issues you want clarification with.

We will get back to you with a detailed and individualized business proposal showing details of how we will select, train, and manage your virtual assistant and integrate him or her to your business team.

Step 2 – Needs Assessment. 

What specific  skills and services do you need?

Advise us with your list of requirement so we can match you with the best employee or team.

To make sure that you get the right virtual assistant for you and your business, it is important that you identify what exactly you want from your virtual assistant. Provide us a job description and/or task list which identifies the qualifications and skill set you desire your new employee to have. You may browse our Services page to find out more about what we offer. TIP: Track your movements for a few days and write down all the tasks you do which you can delegate.

Step 3 – Payment of the Mobilization Fee.


Prior to assigning a team or individual VA to you, we require payment of a $295 mobilization fee.  You then enjoy the first week absolutely free.

 Step 4 – Staff Selection and Orientation

How do we match the right employee for you?

After you provide us with a written job description, we match your needs to the skill sets of a REVA(s) from our training program. At your request, you may interview each VA we assign to you. Depending on the availability of qualified persons in our pool, you can expect you employee to be sourced, trained and seated within 15-30 days of you providing us with your job description.

In the event you do not immediately find the perfect employee through these initial interviews and orientation, we continue to repeat the process, until you have placed your new employee within your organization.

Step 5 – Setting Up

Once your VA has been endorsed to you, we assign a local (to your area) SMS-enabled phone number to your VA or Team Leader which enables telecommunication capability at the cost to you of a local call. We also recommend you install Skype and other cloud based file sharing applications such as Google Drive and Dropbox for convenience.

Step 6 –Training and Integration

Global OfficeWorks provided your VA with a customized training program. We make sure that your VA is trained in the skills required to perform the tasks noted in your job description.

We insure that your VA is familiar with our systems including: Microsoft Office, Google Apps Suite including Gmail, Google Drive, Team Viewer, Asana, daily plans, and end of shift reporting. We also train them in any specific tasks you have listed which you will need help with.

As you give direction during the training, you may remotely drive your VA’s computer or have your VA watch you work on your computer.

You advise your VA what you would like done. Tell your VA what results you are after. Leave the “how to do it” to them.

Step 7 – Completion of VA Training and Payment

Once your assistant has completed the training program, and you have enjoyed the first week free, then upon advance payment of the first month’s service fee, your assistant begins working for you.

Global OfficeWorks takes care of all of the ongoing employee management issues. We are available to provide you assistance at any time.