How To Get Started

Getting-Started-53641_140x140The process to integrate our staff into your team is incredibly simplified.

Global OfficeWorks offers several options for you and assists your new VA to become fully integrated into your team.

We then provide all the ongoing management and staff supervision, allowing you to stay focused on your business and not get sidetracked by employee issues.

Contact us to discuss which of our VA models is best suited to your business. We offer the following models:


Your Team of Virtual Assistants ($1,395 per month)

Your team of two or more skilled assistants each has specialized skill sets. They serve you eight hours per day. You are able to directly contact any member of your team. All tasks are tracked in our project management software.


One Part-Time Assistant. ($800 per month)

We provide a specific Virtual Assistant dedicated to you 4 hours per day. As you develop your business, you can add on additional part-time staff at any time.


Advantages of using a team are:

Redundancy: Productivity remains in place during vacations and sick leaves. If one member of your team is absent, the other(s) can work overtime to cover the tasks needing completion that day.

Continuity: Whenever you experience personnel changes, your remaining team member(s) will be knowledgeable enough to train the replacement.

Accessibility: Each member of your team is fully accessible to you.




Step 1 – Execute the Service Agreement.

Our service agreement will be sent to you separately. Please review it and discuss any concerns or questions with us. Since we are in partnership together, we strive to maintain flexibility in order to meet your needs.

Upon receipt of the Questionnaire and the executed service agreement, we will assign you to your team.


Step 2 – Needs Assessment

To make sure that you get the right virtual assistant for you and your business, it is important that you identify what exactly you want from your VA. Spend some time tracking your daily movements. Compile a list of all the tasks you do. Separate them into essential and non-essential tasks. Essential tasks are those which need to be done to help you make more money. Decide which essential tasks you can delegate. Recurring tasks are very suitable to delegate to your VA.


It is important for you to provide us a detailed job description and/or task list which identifies the initial tasks your VA will be performing. Please fill out our questionnaire with as much detail as you can.


Advise us the date you would like your VA to start and working hours preferred. Would you like your VA to work for you during business hours, or do you prefer them starting in the late afternoon and completing the tasks overnight, so they are ready for you in the morning?


Step 3 – Assigning your VA team to you.

Our VA’s are all subject to a rigorous evaluation, orientation and our VA Orientation and Training Academy.


You do have the ability to approve or reject any member the VA team we assign to you. If you do feel that your VA is not working out for you, we will happily assign you someone else.


Our VA’s are all university graduates and fluent English speakers. Prior to being assigned we evaluate their personality profile to make sure they are a match for you.


Step 4 – Setting Up

Your VA team will be assigned a local (to your area) SMS-enabled phone number which enables telecommunication capability at the cost to you of a local call. We also recommend you install Skype and other cloud-based file sharing applications such as Google Drive and Dropbox.

Stable Infrastructure.

Our office is equipped with Dedicated Internet Access (DIA). This provides us with continuous, protected connectivity between our LAN and the Internet. Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) provides symmetrical connectivity on a leased line, redundant and private end-to-end Fiber network. It is proactively monitored 24/7 to verify uptime and availability.


Step 5 –Training and Integration

We begin with a conference call between you and our management team. This gets you orientated and gives you a chance to get to know us all as well as to discuss in detail your goals and objectives.

We develop a plan and define roles regarding efficiently training and integrating the VA into your team.

We then assign a dedicated REVA to your team and orient them with the tasks you have identified.


Know that the more time you invest in your REVA’s training, the more they learn how to do it “your way.” We are able to assist you with your REVA’s training. Just let us know what we can do to help you.

You advise your VA what you would like done. Tell your VA what results you are after. Leave the “how to do it” to them.


Step 6 – Payment

No payment is due until the completion of the REVA Orientation at the end of your first week of service. At the conclusion of this first week, the advance payment of the full month’s service fee is due. (beginning from your start date). If you are not 100% satisfied with our service after your first week, you may terminate and pay nothing.

Global OfficeWorks takes care of all of the ongoing employee management issues. We are available to provide you assistance at any time.