101 Tasks Your VA can do for you to help Grow Your Business!

One of the biggest misconceptions of working with Virtual Assistants is that one employee can do everything for you. It’s just not possible. Not in the real world, and not in the virtual world.

In order to effectively use Virtual Assistants to grow your business, you need to hire for the role, not the task. You need to build a team that will work together to achieve what you’re aiming for.

This list of tasks is broken it down into the following roles:

  1. General Virtual Assistant (GVA)
  2. Audio / Video Editor
  3. Content Writer
  4. SEO / Web Marketer
  5. Graphic / Web Designer
  6. Real Estate Virtual Assistant (REVA)

It’s important to acknowledge and appreciate that no one person can handle all of these different roles. So, let’s begin with a look at the one person that I every entrepreneur should have at their disposal – the General VA (GVA). This is that one person that you can lean on to help you, day to day, more so than any other employee.

They are true time savers – and therefore, as an entrepreneur, they’re your life savers, too! If you don’t have one on board in your business yet – get one now!


Email & Schedule Management Tasks

One of the biggest time wasting things you do is check your email. Working with your VA to handle your email, as well as things like your calendar is essential to becoming more productive as a modern-age entrepreneur.

  • 1. Filtering Emails / Managing Spam
  • 2. Database Building / Updating Contacts or CRM
  • 3. Answering Customer Service Emails /Tickets / Chat Support
  • 4. Sending of Greetings eCards, Event Invitations, etc.
  • 5. Calendar Management
  • 6. Appointment Scheduling
  • 7. Travel Arrangement and Planning
  • 8. Reminder Services

File Storage & Organization Tasks

We live in a world of flashing lights, buttons and other things that distract us consistently throughout the course of our working day. Being organized is about as important as being productive. If not more. VA’s can help you systematize and put processes in place to help your business become more organized.

  • 9. Dropbox / Google Drive Organization
  • 10. Data Entry in Word, or Google Docs
  • 11. Creating / Managing Spreadsheets
  • 12. Preparing Powerpoint / keynote Presentations
  • 13. PDF Conversion, Splitting and Merging

Administrative & Blogging Tasks

VA’s can manage your blog, as well as help with the marketing of your blog – however, there is so, so much more your GVA can do for you when it comes to additional admin tasks, and generally helping you, day to day on the managing of projects, and your marketing efforts.

  • 14. Transcription of Video and Audio Files
  • 15. Simple Brochure Layout / Formatting
  • 16. Preparing Online Meeting Minutes
  • 17. Report Creation
  • 18. Forms Creation
  • 19. Document Template Creation
  • 20. Online Research
  • 21. Data Mining & Development / Lead Generation
  • 22. Blog Publishing Management
  • 23. Moderating Blog Comments
  • 24. Adding Tags & Images to Blog Posts
  • 25. Receptionist Duties
  • 26. Voicemail Checking
  • 27. Sending Client Invoices
  • 28. Basic Bookkeeping (MYOB, XERO & Quickbooks)
  • 29. Personal Errands (Purchasing Gifts Online, etc.)
  • 30. Project Management & Training Tasks
  • 31. Project Management Between You and your Team members
  • 32. Preparation of Training Materials
  • 33. Training of New Virtual Assistants
  • 34. Deadline / Deliverables Tracking
  • 35. Social Media Management Tasks
  • 36. Creating Facebook Fan Pages / Groups
  • 37. Posting and Scheduling Facebook Insights
  • 38. Promoting Facebook Pages
  • 39. Collating and Interpreting Facebook Insights
  • 40. Creating a Twitter Account
  • 41. Managing and Increasing Your Twitter Following
  • 42. Schedule Tweets and Track Mentions and Hashtags
  • 43. Create and Manage LinkedIn Account / Profile
  • 44. Create Pinnable Images on Pinterest
  • 45. Scheduling and Tracking Pins
  • 46. Create and Manage YouTube Account
  • 47. Upload Videos on YouTube
  • 48. Moderating YouTube Comments
  • 49. Uploading Videos to other Video Sharing Sites / Social Media
  • 50. Answer inquiries and Messages on All Channel & Profiles
  • 51. Create Slideshare Presentations

Email Marketing

All this work is pointless if you’re not a) growing your email marketing list, and b) engaging with that list on a regular basis. It’s been said that for every name on your list, you should be making an average of $1 a month. So, working with a VA to help grow and market to your list is imperative! This takes the concept of choosing tasks to outsource to Virtual Assistants to the next level – a level that equals money!

  • 52. Creating a New List in Email Marketing Software
  • 53. Adding and Removing Subscribers from Lists
  • 54. Creating and Scheduling Broadcast Emails to Promote Content
  • 55. Editing Follow-up Emails and Auto-responders
  • 56. Creating Email Newsletters
  • 57. Editing / Proofreading Emails


The use of Virtual Assistants in audio and video production is still a little new – it’s only just started to emerge over the last few years. When you delegate the production and editing of your videos & podcasts to your VA, it allows you to spend more time developing content.

  • 58. Basic Editing of Audio Files
  • 59. Removing Background Noise from Audio and Video
  • 60. Adding Intro’s and Outro’s to Videos
  • 61. Basic Photoshop / Image Editing (Not Graphic Design)
  • 62. Powerpress (Podcasting WP Plugin) Installation
  • 63. Podcast Setup on iTunes
  • 64. Podcast Insertion on Blogpost


Outsourcing your content is not something I suggest you do often. Especially if your brand is attached to it. However, if you’re doing a lot of online marketing, especially if you’re involved with niche site creation and promotion, or even bigger, more authoritative sites, it pays to save time on creating all that written content, by teaming up with a good selection of virtual writers.

  • 65. Content / Blog Post Creation
  • 66. Guest Blogging / Ghost Blogging
  • 67. SEO Writing
  • 68. Press Release Writing
  • 69. Newsletter Writing
  • 70. Copywriting (Don’t Suggest Sales Copy)
  • 71. Directory Submission
  • 72. Article Spinning
  • 73. Article Marketing


The SEO (Search Engine Optimization) world has changed drastically over the last couple of years. What used to work doesn’t anymore. And what works today might not work so well tomorrow. However, create solid content and you’ll be off to the races immediately. But, what happens after you’ve marketed and promoted your new blog post, or podcast episode via social media? The storm calms down, right?

Having a solid SEO / Web Marketing VA in place will enable your content to be positioned and marketed in a way that will bring in consistent, long-term traffic.

  • 74. Site Analysis
  • 75. Keyword Research for Blog Content
  • 76. Competitor Analysis
  • 77. Landing Page Set-up/Creation
  • 78. Web Master Submission
  • 79. Sitemap Submissions
  • 80. On-page optimization for a post / page
  • 81. Off-page optimization for a post / page
  • 82. Social Bookmarking (Digg, Stumble Upon, Reddit, Digg, Delicious)
  • 83. Creating a Social Bookmarking Tracking Sheet
  • 84. Blog Commenting – Off Page Optimization
  • 85. Forum Participation / Moderation
  • 86. Creating Backlinks / Link Building
  • 87. Weekly / Monthly Google Analytics & Traffic Reports
  • 88. Monthly Keyword Ranking Reports


  • 89. Support and manage Templated Websites
  • 90. Listing Management
  • 91. Managing Buyer MLS searches
  • 92. Entering Property in MLS & other applicable databases
  • 93. Preliminary Drafting of CMA’s
  • 94. CRM Integration & Social Media Integration
  • 95. Marketing the Listing
  • 96. Designing and sending Just Listed and Just Sold Postcards
  • 97. Personal Marketing
  • 98. Prospecting
  • 99. Setting Up Showings
  • 100. Posting Ads. Postlets, Craigslist & other websites.
  • 101. Transaction Management


As you can see, the list of tasks that your Virtual Assistants can handle for you is very diverse. The fact is that working with VA’s has gone far further than most people ever thought possible. It’s more than just filtering email and managing your social media. It’s about business growth. It’s about Working on your Business instead of Working in your Business!

Start your 30 day free trial! Call (970) 722-6300 or Email: info@globalofficeworks.com

Start your 30 day free trial! Call (970) 722-6300 or Email: info@globalofficeworks.com