Social Meida Marketing

Social Media Marketing


Social Media Management

Any website that allows you to interact with other members is social media. Major sites are LinkedIn (Business Networking), Facebook (Networking), Twitter (Microblogging), YouTube (Video Sharing), and WordPress(Blogging).


Why is Social Media important to my business?

  1. Fans and followers are more likely to purchase your product or service.
  2. Increases traffic to your website, blog, newsletter or RSS feed.
  3. It increases the visibility of your business
  4. Boosts your Search Engine Optimization by providing more links to your website.
  5. It provides a platform for you to connect with your customers and clients


How can Global OfficeWorks help with your Social Media Marketing?

You are no doubt too busy to spend the time needed to manage your social media platforms. Your Social Media VA can perform the following:

  • Posting, monitoring and interacting on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and any other industry specific pages you require.
  • Create or optimize your current Fan &/or Profile Pages.
  • Post regular updates and Tweets. Sending customized posts to those following you on Twitter.