Glow Scholarship Program



To support gifted, dedicated and ambitious students to obtain the best education possible so they can make a difference in the development of their home, community and country.



To provide a quality education to students who have shown their potential for academic excellence but do not have the financial means to obtain it.


To administer a successful scholarship program at a minimal financial cost which changes the lives of the participating students.


The Program

Our Scholarship Program enables the sponsor to provide a quality private school education to a qualified gifted student. This is a life changing experience for the child. Without this support, they are likely to remain relatively uneducated and have very few opportunities upon graduating high school. A quality private school education provides an opportunity to break the poverty cycle.


GLOW covers the entire cost of administering the program so that 100% of your donation supports the child’s education. For only $100 per month, you can support the total education expenses of a student in a quality private school. You will be introduced to the student you sponsor and receive regular reports regarding their progress and successes.


Funds Management

To insure the funds are actually used for the students education, GLOW has stringent requirements of the student and the students family:

  • Tuition and all other school costs are paid directly to the school, not the student.
  • The amount of the living and travel allowance is determined by the actual cost to the student. Receipts must be provided to GLOW from the student.



Preference will be given to candidates who demonstrate strong academic ability, leadership qualities, dedication, and a commitment to the development of their community.


We believe the earlier the child begins their quality education, the greater their chance of success is. Therefore, we offer scholarships to elementary, high school and college students.


Benefits of our scholarship program

Each recipient of the GLOW scholarship program will receive the following financial benefits:

Fully-funded tuition at a top quality private elementary school, high school, or university.

Financial support including a basic living allowance, travel to and from the student’s home to the school, and assistance with costs for books and extra curricular school activities for the student.


What we expect from scholarship students?

Sharing their knowledge in their community
All recipients must be active within their community with the goal of applying their skills and knowledge to encourage other youth in the community to strive for a high level of education.
In order to avoid revocation of the scholarship, the following requirements must be met by the student:

  • Complete their studies on time and meet the requirements of the school.
  • Meet the minimum academic levels required by GLOW Scholarship Program,
  • Regularly attend class and submit all compulsory assignments and sit all exams.

In addition to the standard reports given to the student by the school, each scholarship recipient shall provide a summary report to GLOW each semester. This shall describe the students experience, achievements or any challenges which occurred.



We expect a high standard of behaviour from scholarship students. Scholars are representatives of their community and the scholarship program.


How to get started and sponsor a student?


If you would like to make a very large difference to a childs life and have  a positive impact on their quality of education, Contact Us now .